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Introduction to the Theory of Evolution

Introduction to the history of the theory of Evolution and the key scientific concepts with in the theory 

Evolution in the Victorian novel

Blood and Regression in two late Victorian novels


Berthault's work: revolutionary geology or extravagant hubris?

Guy Berthault claims to have undermined all of modern geology and with it, the scientific case for an old universe.  Has he?simple_new_red_1.gif

Mitochondrial Eve reply debunked

Wieland replied to my Misconceptions around Mitochondrial Eve article. Here is my response to thatsimple_new_red_1.gif

Support for Big Bang Theory

Third Year Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe data support standard model of cosmology simple_new_red_1.gif

Reply to Open Letter from a Creationist

Teresa Beck's letter is an example of a typical creationist's argument - I respond simple_new_red_1.gif

Lithium in stars supports standard Big Bang

This  is  where the missing lithium in stars  went.

Rebuttal of Robert Sungenis's Geocentrism

Some YECers are also geocentrists - a contempt for science in one domain clearly leads to error in another- here is an article that shows why geocentrism is unreasonable.

Critique of Cardinal Schönborn's anti-evolution articles

Cardinal Schönborn of the Catholic Church has launched an attack on evolutionary science - here is an answer

Globular Clusters refute 'Young' Universe

Demonstrates how observation of stars in globular clusters sets a lower limit on the age of the universe of 11 billion years

Genetic Recombination Misused

A critique of Chris Ashcraft's 'A New Look at Genetic Recombination'  

An essay refuting Selva Harris's essay on uranium - lead dating of the K-T boundary

A critique of Russ Humphreys’s AiG article reviewing a Nature paper on superluminal light propagation, and demonstrating his limitations as a physicist

Misconceptions around Mitochondrial Eve

A review of Carl Wieland's article from AiG on 'Mitochondrial Eve'

Supernova 1987A  Refutes 6000 Year Old Universe

Geno Castagnoli shows  that SN1987A is totally incompatible with the YEC hypothesis

The Big Bang is no myth

Christian de Quincey is badly wrong in his essay that challenges modern cosmology

Intelligent Design Critique

What is Intelligent Design? Is it scientific?




Carsonella rudii

A transitional between a symbiont and an organellesimple_new_red_1.gif

Pederpes finneyae

 A transitional tetrapod is found to fill the famous Romer's gap

 The oldest known eutherian (placental) mammal

Jaekelocarpus oklahomesis

 A very early chordate with echinoderm features

Microraptor gui

 A four winged dinosaur (dromaeosaur) fossil

Bird lungs

Theropod dinosaurs and birds linked by 'breathing' design




The Mouse Genome

 What has the recent publication of the draft mouse genome told us about evolution?

Nucleosome position coded in DNA

Recent work shows that DNA carries a code for its own physical organisationsimple_new_red_1.gif

 A complex bacterium has added functionality and information to its genome.

Why Human Chromosome 2 is powerful evidence for common descent

A process for human/chimpanzee divergence

How  chromosomal rearrangements can provide a trigger and a process for the separation of the human and chimpanzee lineages

FOXP2 and the evolution of language

The fascinating account of how  a genetic defect in a single family gives us clues about the evolution of language


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